Thursday, January 3, 2013

iWatch will Replace iPhone

Apple is exploring the development of a product similar to a clock. Many analysts scoff at the idea of ​​Apple to build a clock. After all, who needs to watch when you have a smart phone? Also Apple is a company with 200 billion U.S. in annual revenue, a $ 100 watch to be sold in limited quantities only going to increase the profits of the company.

But a line of thought in various enterprises indicates that the era of the Smartphone may come to an end almost as quickly as it began. Not a catastrophic omen but naturally in how the technology works. Like the smartphone killed the flip top cell, and the iPad is killing the traditional PC, something can come and kill the smartphone.

Something like this could be a product like Google Glass. Laptops can be used as tools of fashion seem to be the next step in technological progress.

For Apple, the iWatch could be a way to test the market for "portable gadgets." It is likely that in the long term over the next 10 years dress technological devices could eventually replace the iPhone and smartphones in general.

Like the current Apple TV is an Apple project that lays the foundation for their foray into the world of smart TVs, an iWatch could be the "hobby" by Apple that allows exploring mobile computing.

By the time all is conjecture and is unlikely to in the near future one can replace the iPhone iWatch, the digital clock gadget could well be a peripheral to complement the iPhone.

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