Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Asus (Google) Nexus 7 Tablet Analysis

After positioning in the smartphone market with its Android phones like Nexus and establish a great system for telephony, it's time for Google to attack the market for tablets.

The first bet would be called Nexus 7, was presented at the last Google I / O and is manufactured by ASUS, which has done an excellent job. Moreover, this tablet debuts Nexus 7 version 4.1 of Android. Do you want to know why I found this Nexus 7? Then-depth analysis on Engadget, just as in that is already selling online form and it will be in a few days in physical stores.

Nexus 7: Google to repeat the success of smartphones

Whatever they say, for now, the combination of hardware and software not found the right balance in the universe Android for tablets.

Apple's iPad is still the product that the user associated with the word tablet. To reverse this association come this year Windows 8 RT and a more serious offense of Google, once well positioned in the phone market, seems to finally pay attention to your operating system looking at it from the perspective of the user of tablets.

As it did with smartphones, their choice has been to take his own model of the hand of an outside manufacturer - in this case ASUS, very good choice - and brand new with the latest version of Android.

Completing the equation an excellent finish and combination that Amazon has shown with its Kindle Fire that can work: 7 inches and psychological price.

Design and finishing

As much as I try 7-inch tablets, I find it very strange face with such a diagonal pattern. Personally I prefer the 9-10 inches, but if you need mobility admit that is a good choice.

The Nexus 7 is shown on the table with its bright dominating everything. The framework, broad, is indistingible except for a capped plastic that simulates the metal. So far nothing beyond expectations.

It is when we give back and we see the back cover in a nice material improves grip the tablet when you know that, despite its entry price, ASUS has taken care of the details for this Nexus 7 is not appreciated as a tablet " cheap. "

That quality finish is also seen in the connections. At the bottom we have a microUSB port for charging the device and the headphone output, while on the right side we find a port for future accessories like keyboards and accessories-dock. On the right stands the on-off button and volume control, both with a very good touch. Perhaps professional bias or just because the 7-inch format so requests, I struggled to get used to not seek the power button / lock on the top right.

In the design you will notice that there is only one camera, the front of which you already advance that only worthwhile - and I think that ASUS has placed, not for anything else - for video calls. And why in this 7-inch format, a main chamber makes more sense - or at least some sense, but still close to zero - in a 10-inch model.

As mentioned, in the back there is no trace of the main camera, and just appreciate the finish that simulates skin with plenty of grip to thank tablet catch with one hand, with the ASUS logo on the bottom - just above a bar that is the speaker - and the word Nexus dominating the housing should not empeñarte to open because you can not. Nothing microSD card or change the battery.

In hand, thanks to its 7-inch format, the finish on the back and the weight of just 340 grams - about 60 grams less than its great rival, the Kindle Fire - The Nexus 7 is very comfortable and manageable. In thickness're talking about a little more than the iPad: 10.45 mm. This figure could be improved to give a feeling in hand still enjoyable, but for $ 200 I think we can not ask for more in this section.

The whole has been very pleasant to use for various tasks, including reading of content through the housing leaves a wide margin next to the screen to place the fingers without touching the screen. That space could have been trimmed to make the tablet more closely, but I think overall, the Nexus 7 wins over wide frame with that loser.


If the outside and as we shall see in the next point, and battery performance are important values ​​in a tablet, the screen is more so. At the end of the day is what are we going to "use". This Nexus 7 and the price of 200 euros could raise doubts on the quality of this, but just turn the tablet these unknowns are faded and forgotten forever.

The 7-inch IPS panel of the Nexus 7 is an excellent solution that ASUS has given a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels which gives a figure of 213 ppi density. That is a really great value and normal viewing distance, it is impossible to see pixels. The icons are clear, just as the associated text.

The touch screen allows up to ten points of contact, and the answer is great too. In return, I was impressed by the black level is achieved with this panel, very deep, but I think brightness falls a bit behind other tablets. Indoors is not significant, but if you take it out for a walk, which makes sense with a 7-inch tablet, cast them into a plus lack of brightness.

Performance and battery

Despite its small body, the Nexus 7 includes power to give and take. As we found a main processor Tegra 3 in its most light (T30L to 1.2 Ghz), no half measures. RAM pulls no tiny either and stands with 1GB DDR3 type with bandwidth of 5.3 GB / s.

If you are someone who likes to have a lot of content stored on a tablet, the Nexus 7 you may fall short, especially in the affordable version of 8 GB, so think carefully what use can you make when choosing the model you want to buy. As I indicated, there is no microSD card slot and no possibility of using the microUSB port to connect extra storage directly. As with the Amazon Kindle Fire, here goes the ante by streaming ... but at home, as there is no integrated 3G or LTE.

The only option is direct Internet connection via WiFi technology that tops the list in which you follow the bluetooth, GPS, conventional sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer and digital compass), topped with NFC connectivity.

Moving on to talk about cold figures, this combination of Nexus 7 nosa has left some numbers in the test with 1620 and 3612 Vellamo with Quadrant, some evidence that power will not be for this ASUS tablet and Google.

In reality and everyday it becomes websites load very fast - Chrome blessed that comes standard - good multimedia performance and fluid passage by Android 4.1.

And it is the turn to the evidence of its integrated battery of 16 Wh, which in the real world has proven to live up fully. In our test with Wifi navigation has been just one hour of autonomy of the new iPad. Yes, with this Nexus 7 have a few minutes more than 9 hours to enjoy in its 7 inches. In video mode loop have also far exceeded the nine hours of battery life, but yes, pulling video stored on internal memory. No streaming or Wifi connected.

Looking at the figures in the U.S. analyzes give the Kindle Fire - not yet for sale in Spain - we see that the distance you would take this Nexus 7 is nearly twice autonomy in these two aspects. Logical to think that Amazon has to make a move soon.

The battery of the Nexus 7, which is loaded in less than four hours, suffering much more when we introduce games that rush full power of tablet, so if you tend to get video game between sessions or web browsing, subtract about three hours autonomy that I have given above.


JELLYBEAM or Android 4.1 is the operating system that handles make good use of the hardware that ASUS has placed in the hands of Google. This operating system version was premiered in this very tablet.

The innovations introduced mainly focus on the search, the better - yes, even more - notification system, and better performance through more efficient use of hardware. The result is that Android is moving into this Nexus 7 as a high-end tablet is involved.

Personally I'm also the integration of Google Play, for me the highlight of this Nexus 7-level direct appreciation for the novice user in Android. However, the deployment of the full potential of Google Play music or magazines in still fails with this tablet, but hopefully not take long to do.

Nexus 7, Android Trojan horse: the opinion of Engadget

Amazon Kindle Fire and decided to go their own way to stand up to the king of the tablet, the Apple iPad. Your bet was a very tempting price, a 7-inch format and user experience 100% controlled and integrated with all the mediocre hardware for stay not in evidence.

In this field of affordable Android tablets were admitted multiple brands under different names - and the same base hardware that leaves much to be desired for those who want to take advantage of a tablet - but always with a user experience very far, very far of what a rival needed for the iPad.

Then we have the range of high-end tablets with excellent hardware but high price and a user experience that under Android, not quite take off.

And now comes the Nexus 7 model where Google takes control of the situation as it did in the smartphone market, with the spirit of repeating success and get the other manufacturers take note of where you have to work to be competitive - for real - in the market for tablets.

The partnership with ASUS has come round, and have gotten a tablet that has a lot to say thanks to the improvements made by Jelly Bean and the great hardware that both companies offer the user by 200 euros in its 8GB version, especially in the screen, and battery performance.

It is the perfect tablet but with that price and if you do not need an ecosystem with millions of applications are neither apple tree, is almost an offense not to add to your shopping list. The positive side effect for the consumer is that both the other brands that want to sell on Android as Amazon and Apple in some way, should already be thinking that a tablet quality at low prices is not a bad idea.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Express, announced the device to Europe and Asia

Samsung has officially announced a new device called the Samsung Galaxy Express for Europe and Asia. It is a smartphone characterized by specific techniques interesting, even if not the last cry. The Galaxy Express in fact mounted display 4.5-inch WVGA Super AMOLED Plus, a 5-megapixel rear camera and a front 1.3 megapixel camera, LTE connectivity, NFC and Jelly Bean Android operating system in the latest version.

The Galaxy Express will be shown for the first time at the event MWC 2013 in Barcelona.

The Galaxy Express is designed to offer technical interesting and fast connectivity, thanks to 4G LTE. Samsung assures streaming audio and video and download much faster, with Internet browsing and video calls promptly stable. On board of the phone are the features AllShare Play and share content across Samsung Smart TV and other smart mobile devices, all in a simple way and by using a single account.

Instead, thanks to the function S Beam can make the transfer of a file simply by touching another enabled device, while the technology Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the automatic transfer of data wirelessly with other NFC devices, facilitating the sharing and instant viewing .

The design of the Galaxy Express is stylish, shaped and thin-style Samsung. We await more details on the launch date and price of the device.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

iWatch will Replace iPhone

Apple is exploring the development of a product similar to a clock. Many analysts scoff at the idea of ​​Apple to build a clock. After all, who needs to watch when you have a smart phone? Also Apple is a company with 200 billion U.S. in annual revenue, a $ 100 watch to be sold in limited quantities only going to increase the profits of the company.

But a line of thought in various enterprises indicates that the era of the Smartphone may come to an end almost as quickly as it began. Not a catastrophic omen but naturally in how the technology works. Like the smartphone killed the flip top cell, and the iPad is killing the traditional PC, something can come and kill the smartphone.

Something like this could be a product like Google Glass. Laptops can be used as tools of fashion seem to be the next step in technological progress.

For Apple, the iWatch could be a way to test the market for "portable gadgets." It is likely that in the long term over the next 10 years dress technological devices could eventually replace the iPhone and smartphones in general.

Like the current Apple TV is an Apple project that lays the foundation for their foray into the world of smart TVs, an iWatch could be the "hobby" by Apple that allows exploring mobile computing.

By the time all is conjecture and is unlikely to in the near future one can replace the iPhone iWatch, the digital clock gadget could well be a peripheral to complement the iPhone.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photos: 10 N Series BlackBerry QWERTY

If everything is as it seems, Research in Motion will still betting heavily on devices with physical QWERTY keyboard, as we see in this pair of photographs that would, apparently, the new BlackBerry 10 N Series, that would come officially public in January 2013, when it introduced the BlackBerry OS 10.

As you should already know, RIM is not in the best of times. In fact, the Canadian company should put all eggs in one basket next January, if you want to try to recover some lost ground in the smartphone war, which has to iOS and Android as great masters. To do this, users must not only win, but retain its remaining now and feel very identified with the physical QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry.

For that reason, RIM will introduce this BlackBerry 10 N Series they see in the photo, and has a QWERTY keyboard as appealing to those who are not accustomed to touch screens. And if they see well, but need not exert much sight, BlackBerry 10 N Series is much like the Bold 9900, so if any of you would like that team, it might choose to purchase one of the new BlackBerry 10.

Now, if we continue to review, in the next picture we see that BlackBerry 10 N appears accompanied Z10 Series (with touch screen) and one more white device, it has sown among connoisseurs mystery because no one had thought of a BlackBerry and for presentation to the two aforementioned teams. In any case, we assume that this is a BlackBerry 10 accessible to a mass audience.

What do you think? Buy a BlackBerry? 10 N Series, or any of the other devices present RIM?

Best Android games of 2012 according to Google

We continue with the collections of the best thing that has made the past year. Yesterday we showed you the selection of applications that Google had emerged as the best releases of 2012 and now comes the list of favorites in regards to games. These are the 12 titles for Android that the search engine company believes that you should not miss.

Google continues its own list of "rewards" for the content to be found on Google Play. A list of the best Android apps of 2012, and we can add that of the best games. Again, we find the most prominent among a powerful combination of hugely popular titles with others who have been less visible but, unfortunately, the proportion of pay games is considerably higher than in the selection that we showed you yesterday.

Among the free games that Google recommends, predominate shooter and puzzles. Among the shooter, are two of the most popular games this year: DeadZone Shadowgun, a futuristic shooter ambience which we've already spoken on other occasions, and the irreverent Nun Attack, in which the protagonist is nothing more or less a nun who fights evil armed to the teeth.

Puzzles games featured are lesser known but equally original: Battle Zookeeper, though not enough is an action game, and Hamlet, Shakespearean classic turns into a thrilling adventure where your ingenuity will be your main weapon. Also listed Subway Surfers, a runner who became another successful downloads and Strikefleet Omega, a strategy game where you will head your own fleet of spaceships.

Among Google considers worthy of doing a small outlay, we can not overemphasize the Need for Speed: Most Wanted, an addictive racing game that we've already recommended and also now can get even lowered for a price more interesting. It has also been one of the successes of the year in downloads The Bard's Tale, a fun game with a careful history and a huge open world to explore.

The list seems to reward the games with original themes and characters, so it is not surprising to find among the popular Granny Smith selected, the platform game with an unusual protagonist grandmother. As mentioned, not all games are recommended titles as successful as these, but some much less known have appeared among the highlights: Devil's Attorney, in which the goal is to win judgments regardless; Funky Smuglers where you have to avoid smugglers get away with it, and Naught, a platform game with a very special design in which gravity plays a role, complete the list of recommendations from Google.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BlackBerry Z10, name and specifications for the first BlackBerry 10

Introduce the new RIM Blackberry  Z10 on 30 January but have already come to light some of the phone features and images very similar to others already known. Specifications and the design seems to have liked among potential customers

Official launch of the Sony Xperia Z is for January 15

You had mentioned previously, at which time the news gathered that the name change would have had the above named Yuga and that from now on it will be known as Sony Xperia Z, this device will be presented at the upcoming CES 2013, same as will begin on January 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We have encountered an increasing report from a Chinese website ePrice name, place where it is mentioned that the Sony Xperia Z would be with all intentions to overcome Apple's mobile phone as well as the Samsung in so far 2013, somehow making it one of the high-end mobile phones most anticipated moment. Although this device will be presented at the upcoming CES 2013, its official release would make it a week after the start of the fair, that is, for Jan. 15.

Competitive features offered in Sony Xperia Z

If the Sony Xperia Z has been billed as a high-end device, this is due to the features and specifications with which the firm intends to present, in this way, in its 5-inch screen will have a resolution of 1080 × 1920 px , having confirmed that the density of points per pixel will of 441ppi (but not 443ppi as mentioned previously). The specifications of this flagship Sony are very similar to those that can be found on the HTC Droid DNA, having also a few similarities with the ZTE Grand S, both devices will also be presented at the upcoming CES 2013.

A few other specifications referred to Sony Xperia Z are:
A processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 4 cores at a speed of 1.5 GHz
Graphic quality depending on the GPU Adreno 320.
2 GB of RAM.
A rear camera 13 Mpx.
A micro SD card slot.
Jelly Bean Android OS 4.1.2.

According to the source, these are the exact specifications with which their presence would the Sony Xperia Z in these two important dates for all the followers of this and a few other Android devices.

More - Sony Xperia Z is the new name that will the Yuga Xperia, HTC Droid DNA, the new HTC phablet, manufacturer ZTE Grand S mentions his mobile with 6.9 mm thick


Monday, December 31, 2012

IPhone 5 is the gadget of the year according to Time

The great integration of hardware, software and services led to the iPhone 5, which is a cell of Apple, to lead the ranking of TIME, a prestigious American publication.The magazine reported that the iPhone 5 is "one of the most skillfully polished devices that no one has ever made," to explain why he named the latest smartphone from Apple as the best "gadget" 2012.
The journalist Harry McCracken, who is recognized as an Apple fan, was responsible for drawing up the list of the ten "Top Gadgets" of 2012 from TIME.ADVANTAGES iphone 5. TIME argues that while there are several great-mobile devices like Galaxy S III archrival, 'when it comes to integrating the hardware, software and services, there are no signs that Apple is above.He also states that one of the most important advantages of the "gadget of the year" is that is thinner and lighter than its predecessor (the iPhone 4), besides having a longer screen.

Other devices on the LIST. The other nine devices that are included in this list, led by the iPhone 5 are: Nintendo Wii U, Sony Cyber-shot RX100, Raspberry Pi Model B, Lytro camera, Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, Microsoft surface with RT Windows, Samsung Galaxy Note II. (With information from,,

10 are innovative devices that are included in the list of "gadgets" top of Time magazine.

Apple, the only company with two spots on the list. Apple is also the first place, won the sixth with the so-called Retina MacBook Pro 15, which achieved sales above expectations despite its high price.For some Apple experts results here are good but could be better. However, it should be noted that neither Samsung, Sony or Microsoft have two products in the final list, even Google, which had strong letter to enter several names to the list, as the Nexus 7 or Nexus 4 ultra-defendant.

Rumor: 3 Features mainstay who Carried iPhone 6

Despite recently launched iPhone 5 in September. However, some parties believe that Apple is developing a successor to the smartphone, the iPhone 6.

Reporting from IBTimes, Monday (31/12/2012), the iPhone 6 is rumored to be released early next year. The reason, the California-based company is always launch new iPhone in the next six months or twice a year.

From Asymco analyst Horace Dediu believes that Apple's smartphone generation skied every six months. This assumption is based on the statement of former Apple CEO John Scully.

According to Sculley, the company is going through a significant change in the product cycle, where the company will introduce the product two times a year.

Meanwhile, there are at least three whiz features that will be pinned on the iPhone 6, namely:

  • Super HD Screen + Retina
The advantage of the screen Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO), has the form of a thin, bright colors and high resolution of less power usage.

  • A7 quad-core processor
A7 quad-core processor is rumored to have performed three times faster and has a smaller size than its predecessor.]
Near Field Communication (NFC)
The news says that Apple can not match the brilliance of Galaxy SIII because the device does not support NFC technology. Therefore, the origin of Cupertino persuahaan it will use the technology.

Meanwhile, shares of Jefferies analyst Peter Misek speculated that the "Successor iPhone 5 will carry the 'camera / super HD screen, better battery capacity, and NFC,' renewal may include IGZO screen for Retina +, then offer 128GB storage capacity."

Another rumor said the iPhone 6 will come out with six to eight color variants. Thus, variations in color will attract the younger generation to buy a smartphone made by Apple.


Apple launch new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the summer of 2013

A new report from the publication DigiTimes reveals that Apple has been in talks with Taiwanese suppliers to prepare the launch of new range of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in June 2013.

The website says that "the sources pointed to the MacBook Air 2013 will come out with a new processor, but its industrial design will not undergo major changes."

That is basically the modus operandi of Apple, so it would not be too difficult to predict the movement. However, there is more information.

Sources apparently told that "pressure from vendors ultrabooks originates in the price of the Air, and Apple could lower the price of its current MacBook Air before the launch of new models in order to take action to Ultrabooks ".

This does not seem too plausible. Although Apple does not always do things as mandated by the book, history has shown that the giant Apple prefers to keep their high prices and exchange components integrate high performance and quality in their laptops with each new generation.

Although in theory this applies to the iPhone and iPad, where Apple is still selling older generation models with lower prices, this strategy has never been applied to computers.

In theory, Apple could be about $ 100 cheaper with their current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, but would mark a major change in the current business model of the company.

Meanwhile, Apple is starting to show more flexibility in their pricing. The iPad Mini is considered a change in the corporate culture of the company.

It is known that the iPad Mini has low profit margins that Apple has thought long and hard before deciding to create a low-end tablet.

The giant apple could point to a broader range of consumers with laptops for less than $ 1,000 from next year.