Monday, December 31, 2012

Apple launch new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the summer of 2013

A new report from the publication DigiTimes reveals that Apple has been in talks with Taiwanese suppliers to prepare the launch of new range of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in June 2013.

The website says that "the sources pointed to the MacBook Air 2013 will come out with a new processor, but its industrial design will not undergo major changes."

That is basically the modus operandi of Apple, so it would not be too difficult to predict the movement. However, there is more information.

Sources apparently told that "pressure from vendors ultrabooks originates in the price of the Air, and Apple could lower the price of its current MacBook Air before the launch of new models in order to take action to Ultrabooks ".

This does not seem too plausible. Although Apple does not always do things as mandated by the book, history has shown that the giant Apple prefers to keep their high prices and exchange components integrate high performance and quality in their laptops with each new generation.

Although in theory this applies to the iPhone and iPad, where Apple is still selling older generation models with lower prices, this strategy has never been applied to computers.

In theory, Apple could be about $ 100 cheaper with their current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, but would mark a major change in the current business model of the company.

Meanwhile, Apple is starting to show more flexibility in their pricing. The iPad Mini is considered a change in the corporate culture of the company.

It is known that the iPad Mini has low profit margins that Apple has thought long and hard before deciding to create a low-end tablet.

The giant apple could point to a broader range of consumers with laptops for less than $ 1,000 from next year.


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