Monday, December 31, 2012

Sony stops selling the PlayStation 2 in Japan

Sony has decided to stop selling PlayStation 2 in Japan. The console, which launched in 2000, begins the end of his career, he has been a resounding success for the Japanese company. The last units of PlayStation 2 in Japan will be maintained in the stores stock. Once exhausted, not reset.

PlayStation 2 led to the confirmation of the success of Sony in the video game market. After sweeping the first PlayStation, Sony debuted in 2000 the second generation, which came with a major technical leap and the experience of its predecessor.

After 12 years of success in which has sold more than 150 million units, Sony has decided to stop selling console in Japan, one of its main markets. Latest PlayStation 2 units available to be sold in the country are those that are currently in stock, as reported by Kotaku specialized portal.

Sony's decision indicates the beginning of the end of
PlayStation 2. The console has fulfilled its time to market and thus left alone PlayStation 3 in the catalog of Sony home console.

The withdrawal of PlayStation 2 at the moment is limited to Japan and Sony has not confirmed soon be extended to other markets. In any case, it is a symptom that the company will focus on its current console and possibly in the next generation, which could be news in 2013.

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