Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photos: 10 N Series BlackBerry QWERTY

If everything is as it seems, Research in Motion will still betting heavily on devices with physical QWERTY keyboard, as we see in this pair of photographs that would, apparently, the new BlackBerry 10 N Series, that would come officially public in January 2013, when it introduced the BlackBerry OS 10.

As you should already know, RIM is not in the best of times. In fact, the Canadian company should put all eggs in one basket next January, if you want to try to recover some lost ground in the smartphone war, which has to iOS and Android as great masters. To do this, users must not only win, but retain its remaining now and feel very identified with the physical QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry.

For that reason, RIM will introduce this BlackBerry 10 N Series they see in the photo, and has a QWERTY keyboard as appealing to those who are not accustomed to touch screens. And if they see well, but need not exert much sight, BlackBerry 10 N Series is much like the Bold 9900, so if any of you would like that team, it might choose to purchase one of the new BlackBerry 10.

Now, if we continue to review, in the next picture we see that BlackBerry 10 N appears accompanied Z10 Series (with touch screen) and one more white device, it has sown among connoisseurs mystery because no one had thought of a BlackBerry and for presentation to the two aforementioned teams. In any case, we assume that this is a BlackBerry 10 accessible to a mass audience.

What do you think? Buy a BlackBerry? 10 N Series, or any of the other devices present RIM?

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