Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Android games of 2012 according to Google

We continue with the collections of the best thing that has made the past year. Yesterday we showed you the selection of applications that Google had emerged as the best releases of 2012 and now comes the list of favorites in regards to games. These are the 12 titles for Android that the search engine company believes that you should not miss.

Google continues its own list of "rewards" for the content to be found on Google Play. A list of the best Android apps of 2012, and we can add that of the best games. Again, we find the most prominent among a powerful combination of hugely popular titles with others who have been less visible but, unfortunately, the proportion of pay games is considerably higher than in the selection that we showed you yesterday.

Among the free games that Google recommends, predominate shooter and puzzles. Among the shooter, are two of the most popular games this year: DeadZone Shadowgun, a futuristic shooter ambience which we've already spoken on other occasions, and the irreverent Nun Attack, in which the protagonist is nothing more or less a nun who fights evil armed to the teeth.

Puzzles games featured are lesser known but equally original: Battle Zookeeper, though not enough is an action game, and Hamlet, Shakespearean classic turns into a thrilling adventure where your ingenuity will be your main weapon. Also listed Subway Surfers, a runner who became another successful downloads and Strikefleet Omega, a strategy game where you will head your own fleet of spaceships.

Among Google considers worthy of doing a small outlay, we can not overemphasize the Need for Speed: Most Wanted, an addictive racing game that we've already recommended and also now can get even lowered for a price more interesting. It has also been one of the successes of the year in downloads The Bard's Tale, a fun game with a careful history and a huge open world to explore.

The list seems to reward the games with original themes and characters, so it is not surprising to find among the popular Granny Smith selected, the platform game with an unusual protagonist grandmother. As mentioned, not all games are recommended titles as successful as these, but some much less known have appeared among the highlights: Devil's Attorney, in which the goal is to win judgments regardless; Funky Smuglers where you have to avoid smugglers get away with it, and Naught, a platform game with a very special design in which gravity plays a role, complete the list of recommendations from Google.

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