Monday, December 31, 2012

IPhone 5 is the gadget of the year according to Time

The great integration of hardware, software and services led to the iPhone 5, which is a cell of Apple, to lead the ranking of TIME, a prestigious American publication.The magazine reported that the iPhone 5 is "one of the most skillfully polished devices that no one has ever made," to explain why he named the latest smartphone from Apple as the best "gadget" 2012.
The journalist Harry McCracken, who is recognized as an Apple fan, was responsible for drawing up the list of the ten "Top Gadgets" of 2012 from TIME.ADVANTAGES iphone 5. TIME argues that while there are several great-mobile devices like Galaxy S III archrival, 'when it comes to integrating the hardware, software and services, there are no signs that Apple is above.He also states that one of the most important advantages of the "gadget of the year" is that is thinner and lighter than its predecessor (the iPhone 4), besides having a longer screen.

Other devices on the LIST. The other nine devices that are included in this list, led by the iPhone 5 are: Nintendo Wii U, Sony Cyber-shot RX100, Raspberry Pi Model B, Lytro camera, Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, Microsoft surface with RT Windows, Samsung Galaxy Note II. (With information from,,

10 are innovative devices that are included in the list of "gadgets" top of Time magazine.

Apple, the only company with two spots on the list. Apple is also the first place, won the sixth with the so-called Retina MacBook Pro 15, which achieved sales above expectations despite its high price.For some Apple experts results here are good but could be better. However, it should be noted that neither Samsung, Sony or Microsoft have two products in the final list, even Google, which had strong letter to enter several names to the list, as the Nexus 7 or Nexus 4 ultra-defendant.

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