Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amazon launches Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, tablet environment for children

Tablet environment for children

Amazon just announced today a service that I am entirely bright and it has certainly over-innovated on anything Apple or Google have done (or failed to do) in space: They released Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, an environment exclusively for children
Kindle Fire and tablets.

The idea is fairly simple: Parents pay $ 3 per month, and the child gets an atmosphere of unlimited use of thousands of movies, educations, activities, and all kinds of content "safe" for children.

All market and one of the elements that are uploaded to the service are personally inspected by Amazon to make sure the content is appropriate for children.

The company has even managed to bring on board various types of content known names such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS, etc, so we are talking about high quality content.

And considering that
the price of the Kindle Fire starts at only U.S. $ 159, something tells me this will make many tablets sold this Christmas.

This far Amazon seems great because it satisfies a need that everyone who has a live Tablet: Kids will love these tablets, especially for games, so if we can buy low-cost tablet, and offering specialized content appropriate for children and basically ended up with a sure sell for millions of parents.

Let us not be surprised if we see something similar by Apple and / or Google next year.

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