Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best iPad Apps For Kids

Maybe when Apple introduced the iPad, did not think of that one of its main uses would be to entertain the kids, and compete with products focused on theory that audience as consoles. But its versatility and the endless number of applications available in his shop, has been causing increasingly more children see the Apple device as an object of desire and increasingly parents contemplate purchasing one for entertainment whole family, especially your children. The ease of use of the tablet makes even the youngest children learn to use and enjoy their applications early age.

And, according to a recent Nielsen estudo in the U.S., the iPad is the preferred gift choice for children aged 6 to 12 years. Specifically, 31% of children chose the Apple tablet as the perfect gift for Christmas, gifts over other technology such as a computer, consoles like the Nintendo DS or Playstation, and even other Apple devices like the iPod Touch or iPhone.Perhaps the price (a minimum of 500 €), take back a lot of families, but whether you already own or you are planning to buy, do not miss this review of some of the best iPad apps for kids.

Angry Birds

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you probably already know the Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded games from the iTunes Store, with over 10 million downloads. The iPad version allows us to enjoy the larger size of your screen. The goal? With the help of a slingshot, take control of a flock of birds in their mission to reclaim their nest eggs stolen by a herd of pigs evil. Fun and addictive, you're hoping that your children be left to lend a little game.

Kids Songs Machine

The iPad can be an excellent complement to the education of our children, and a good example is this app, Kids Songs Machine. With graphics and animations are very well maintained, the application presents a series of children's songs sung by a children's choir, all set in a few animations that we can interact with the touch screen. The songs are in English, but far from being a disadvantage, we can use it to enter to our children in that language in a fun way.

Fruit Ninja

The simplicity of this game makes it easily handled by children, and provide them with hours of entertainment. Your mission is to cut fruits sliding your finger across the touch screen to simulate a sword effect, preventing them from falling to the ground and carefully bombs that explode if you touch them. Also on the iPad you can enjoy the game in multiplayer mode, which will make it even more fun to play with your kids.


Want to promote artistic talents of your children? With sketchbook can spend hours painting on the iPad screen, with plenty of crayons, markers, pencils, stickers and more. The best part? Apart from stimulating their creativity and not have to worry because all the paint stain.


AniMatch is the classic guessing game partners with which to develop children's memory. In this case we have to match animals, also make sympathetic noises when we get it.

Phineas and Pherb Arcade

The characters in the hit series from Disney Channel, Phineas and Ferb, also enter the iPad with this app that includes four different games in which to enter the world of these fun characters.

Cut the Rope

From the creators that Angry Birds game comes another equally notable for its apparent simplicity and addictiveness. In Cut the Rope have to feed candy to our monster, for it will have to go cutting a series of ropes the precise order for the candy to reach its mouth. Sounds simple, but I assure you that will provide many hours of fun for the whole family. Also just released a Christmas version with new levels and free Christmas atmosphere.

What else iPad applications for children?These are in our opinion some of the best iPad apps for kids, but the application list is growing every day and there is certainly more of a jewel that we missed in this review. Do you know any other iPad application for kids? What are you most enjoy with your kids? Please share with other parents in the comments.

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